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Starting with PayMe Funnels

In this article:

1. Why PayMe Funnels

You may know by now, that PayMe Funnels is a platform built on WordPress. So what is the big deal? There are many WordPress hosting and platforms out there! Ok, I will explain everything in detail in next article. In short, we have created PayMe Funnels to make WordPress accessible to everyone. And we literally mean EVERYONE. We don’t really see a reason, why would anyone have to think of WordPress as something hard to set up, install, manage, update and so on. First, we have built what we consider the absolute strongest and secure foundation with Amazon Elastic Cloud computing powering everything, than we carefully select only the best available plugins from credited WordPress contributors. Majority plugins included in PayMe Funnels plans are premium and pro versions. You have access those plugins and you activate them and deactivate them as needed. 

Premium wordpress plugins

2. Registering for an account

Registering account is as straightforward as it gets. Visit, click button START 14 DAY TRIAL. Enter your email and username ( your username will be used as your temporary domain name, like ).

If you have already decided which plan suits you best, you don’t even have to signup for two week trial, from PayMe Funnels home page select your plan, complete purchase and follow instructions in your email to create your website. 

3. How to create webpage with Elementor

Elementor is powerful drag and drop website builder built for WordPress. It’s the absolute number one editing choice of professional and hobby web designers in the world. We are very happy and proud to include Elementor and all it’s premium and PRO upgrades in ALL PayMe Funnels plans. 

Elementor is hugely popular WordPress website builder. There are many resources on the web to learn about Elementor and it’s powerful features. Ready to dive in? 

We guarantee that you will fall in love with Elementor and it’s features. See how others use Elementor. Visit YouTube and type in Elementor. 

Once you have created your pages, you are probably asking yourself, how and where will I create navigation menu to display in my website header? Good practice is, to create navigation menu before designing your header. Why? Simply, because when you will create your website header, you’ll need to insert navigation menu in the header. Now you see why you need to create your navigation menu before header? Here is a general WordPress tutorial on how to create navigation menu. It generally applies to all WordPress platforms.

From your dashboard look to your left side and select:  
Appearance > Menus > Create New Menu

From the list of pages or posts choose which items you’d like to include in your navigation menu. You can always go back and make changes.

Creating custom beautiful header and footer for WordPress site is usually very painful process. Not with Elementor. Watch this video and you will be able to build your own custom header and footer in minutes.

From your dashboard select: 
ELEMENTOR > My Templates > Add New > Header

Elementor will open with list of available headers for you to choose and customize. When you’re happy with your header, click save, choose condition where you’d like your header to show … in most cases choose default option – WHOLE SITE and you’re done. Exactly the same process applies to footer.

Love Elementor videos like we do? Check out more videos on how to build custom header and footer.

Start now!

Create PayMe Funnels  account now and get to know Elementor. Come back to see more tutorials and links to great articles that will help your create exactly what you or your client need from a website. From powerful e-commerce store, membership website, subscriptions, rewards and more.

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