Make your clients SUPER HAPPY!

Start building your freelance business with PayMe Funnels. Create, sell and maintain client websites all from one place using industry’s best WordPress and WooCommerce plugins. 

More projects, less time, more money!

With complete sets of premium WordPress and WooCommerce plugins – all installed and regularly updated, any Freelancer can now take up more clients and make them all happy faster. Plus, since now as a freelancer, you don’t have to worry about installing, updating plugins, optimizing server environment and other super tech stuff … you’ll be able to manage more projects or hire more people!

How do I start?

  1. Active PayMe Funnels subscription is required to apply for Freelancer status. See subscription plans here. 

  2. From your account, click button Freelancer and complete our Freelancer request form. Your application will be reviewed by our team and when approved, within 24 hours you may start working on your first project.

Freelancer's Workflow

  • Once your Freelancer account is setup, you may create new WordPress websites right from your My-Account page. Select … Create New Site and within few seconds new site will be created. You have FULL THREE MONTHS to create site for your client without the need to purchase subscription. 
  • It’s up to you, how much will you charge your clients for creating and maintaining their website. Keep in mind, that you will earn affiliate commission from your clients subscription as well.
  • As a Freelancer, you are provided with direct links for your clients to pay for subscription, when they’re ready to start. This link also includes your unique affiliate code and you will receive affiliate commission one subscription is paid. Read details on Freelancer affiliate commission below.


Receive recurring 20% affiliate commission for each paid PayMe Funnels subscription you create using unique affiliate link:

  1. Customer’s subscription is active.
  2. Your PayMe Funnels subscription is active.
  3. Your Freelancer status is active.

To keep receiving recurring 20%, you need to have at least one referral within three months period. That may be a site you sell to your client from your freelancer account or new client who you simply send as an affiliate and he signup directly through your affiliate link for any PayMe Funnels subscription. If you are not able to send one referral or create and sell website within three month, you will loose your affiliate status and your 20% recurring affiliate commission will be terminated. Our goal is to create network of active Freelancers. 


Freelancer with active PayMe Funnels ELITE subscription, ONLINE RENTIER affiliate commission rates apply! See ONLINE RENTIER page for commission information.

Online Rentier - Affiliate Program PayMe Funnels


Active PayMe Funnels subscription is required to receive Freelancer, create websites for clients and receive Freelancer affiliate commission.
You may send referrals to PayMe Funnels for free, see PayMe Funnels affiliate partner page here.